Make a Payment

If you have received an EastLink Toll Invoice / Overdue Notice because your Breeze account is suspended, you need to pay
the EastLink Toll Invoice /Overdue Notice AND separately top up your Breeze account.

If you want to buy a Pass for your Eastlink travel click here

Make a payment
Top Up Breeze Pre-Paid Account

For account holders to top up their account balance.

Make a payment
Pay a Toll Invoice or Overdue Notice

To pay a Toll Invoice for travel on EastLink without a tag, non-tag account or trip pass.

Make a payment
Pay a Breeze Business Account

For business account holders to pay their monthly invoice.

To top up your Breeze account with BPAY login to your bank's website and use:
BPAY Biller Code = 727214
BPAY Reference Number =
use your Breeze account number

To pay an EastLink Toll Invoice / Overdue Notice with BPAY
follow the instructions at the foot of page 2.